Friday, February 26, 2016

Computer keeps shutting down

Computer keeps shutting down

Hi guys,

I really need your help as I need to finish my work as soon as possible.
My computer keeps shutting down on its own and when I turn it on, it restarts every 10 mins.
I know this is not as normal as before. I just bought the whole desktop last year and been using it everyday for my work.


  1. Hi,

    your computer is probably overheating. do you notice something else when you turn on your pc? like any sound?

    1. there's a tick sound from the CPU when I start my pc

    2. Why don't you try opening your CPU case and clean it. Dusts sometimes cause the noise. if it didn't work, try looking at your heat sink and fan.

    3. Hi, I checked the heat fan and I noticed that the cable was broken and the fan does not continuously circulate. Does this mean I need to buy a replacement for this?

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    5. yes. you need to replace it to avoid your computer overheating. If you always use your computer, it will slow down because its temperature is getting high and hardware and other peripherals can't do their job properly.

      You can buy replacements online and make sure it fits your cpu. you can check the slot for it. you can watch this video from youtube to help you removing and re-installing the heat sink and fan of your computer. https://youtu.be/JcQgZX-4W0o

    6. Hi,
      thank you so much for your help. I received my new heat sink and fan this morning and installed it to my computer. It works!!!

      There are no more noise from the cpu and i can work now without worrying that my pc will restart unexpectedly!