Monday, August 2, 2010

KiSchai xD

It's Kiko Ramos from XLR8 and Schai Sigrist from pop girls.. xD
I saw this pic on XLR8's page.. xD
BAGAY bah?!..

Twitter :)

My gawd!. it's Elmo Magalona and Julie Anne San Jose reply on my tweet.
this happened last summer I think.. xDD
I just want to share this.. I want to share to the other how friendly they are..
And how sweet Elmo is.. :)))

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Video.

I made this video because I saw a lot of lovestory on video on youtube. Then I try to make 1 and spread it. Hope you like it. :)


Waaah!!.. OMG!! I really hate doin' projects and exam is fast approaching..
Do you know waht is the reason why I can't finish my projects when I start to do it???
Hope ya'll know.. It's because of Facebook.Facebook.Facebook.Facebook.

So our exam is on August 4,5 and 6 ,2010 .Our First Quarter Exam. Hope no one will get low scores. We must wish that all of us will pass.

well, God Bless to all and have a good night.

J Lovestory by:*toot*

I made this video because of my two classmates. When I hear the song "This Guy's in love with you Pare" by Parokya Ni Edgar , it reminds me to both of them. I just made this video only for fun and share this idea to my other friends. Hope you like it. Keep Watching.